Commited to save the beauty of East Rosebud Creek for future generations

Directors and Officers of Friends of East Rosebud, Inc.

Leslie Ziegler, President

Leslie owns property on the East Rosebud and is also President of the Black Butte Homeowners Association. She is a retired Medical Practice Manager and former Representative for Dun and Bradstreet. Leslie feels that spoiling the East Rosebud drainage would not only cause economic loss for the region but also irreversable damage to a river that has been found eligible for Wild & Scenic designation. She wants to see it designated Wild & Scenic.

Frank Annighofer, PhD, Vice-President

Frank lives on the East Rosebud. As a former strategic management consultant to the energy industry he has learned that some locations are good for enery development and others serve their communities better when preserved. No question, East Rosebud Creek belongs to the second category. The local economy depends on it being protected. Only 0.6% of Montana's rivers are elegible for Wild & Scenic protection. They deserve it.

Annette Lavalette, Treasurer

Annette lives on the East Rosebud. She holds a master of Science in chemisty and has worked in international environmental and strategy consulting. Annette cannot understand why Montana has not desinated any of its Rivers Wild & Scenic since 1975 while neigboring states like WY, ID, WA and OR are marching ahead. Unspoiled nature and recreation opportunities draw well paid jobs.

Mary Ellen Mangus

Mary Ellen has a cabin on the East Rosebud. She founded Sylvan Peak Outdoor Shoppe in Red Lodge which is now run by her daughter. Four generations of her family have been enjoying the East Rosebud and surounding mountains. Mary Ellen wants to protect this area for future generations to enjoy and she wants to protect the local economy that depends on it.

Judy Haynes

Judy is a land owner on the East Rosebud and owner of East Rosebud Enterprises. She retired from a career as Financial Planner and formerly worked as an Elementary School Educator. Judy feels that we need places to get close to nature and that there are very few of those places left. That is why she wants to protect East Rosebud Canyon by designating it Wild & Scenic