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East Rosebud Creek should be designated Wild & Scenic, not damed, 1500 signatures so far. Click here to sign too.

Journalist Joel Harris and film maker Daniel Lombardi produced a documentary about Montana's Wild and Scenic Rivers

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Actively working to save East Rosebud Creek and other American Treasures

1500 Induviduals from 43 States and 6 foreign countries signed our petition to protect East Rosebud Creek and designate it Wild & Scenic. Read here what they have to say:

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Scott from Billings, petitioner number 245, Feb 29 2012:

This area has some of the finest hunting that Montana has to offer. To develope it any more than it already is would be a terrible crime against nature. DO NOT DO THIS!!!!

Ken from Bozeman, petitioner number 409, April 16 2012:

As an avid climber and lover of our majestic mountains and rivers in Montana I am adamantly opposed to the East Rosebud Hydro Dam project. It would destroy a pristine area and give provide very little in return!

Kyle from Missoula, petitioner number 655, April 17 2012:

Tectonically unstable areas this close to the yellowstone caldera shouldnt even be considered feasable

Jon from Jackson, WY, petitioner number 560, April 16 2012:

Having traveled all over the U.S. and to several countries in search of quality whitewater and pristine areas to camp and enjoy the outdoors....the East Rosebud is very near the top of my list. A seemingly useless (compared to what would be lost) hydroelectric project in this magical valley is not accpetable!! This would be a huge loss for almost no gain!

Ed from Cody,WY , petitioner number 564, April 17 2012:

The East Rosebud is one of the best class V kayak streams in the region. The stream is widely known and (as the dam builders already know) it remains runnable longer than most streams in the area.

Candiss from Durango, CO, petitioner number 601, April 17 2012:

“Wilderness is not a luxury but a necessity of the human spirit, and as vital to our lives as water and good bread. A civilization which destroys what little remains of the wild, the spare, the original, is cutting itself off from its origins and betraying the principle of civilization itself.” Edward Abbey, Desert Solitaire

Jennifer from Minneapolis, MN, petitioner number 887, June 20 2012:

Stop the dam! This is a wasteful use of investment and so damaging to the beautiful region. My tourist dollars are more important than 3 months of hydroelectric power each year, not to mention that there are better locations to place hydroelectric power nearer to large human populations.

James from Roundup, MT, petitioner number 911, June 24 2012:

Having resided part-time @ ERL for 47 years, and having been witness to water flow as I fished and photographed the East Rosebud Creek during that interval, I must say that water flow seems sufficient only during the 2-3 months of spring runoff. Makes me question the decision-making process of the company and its proposal.

Steward from Lees Summit, MO, petitioner number 930, June 25 2012:

As a native of Montana trust me you do not want to ruin it's scenery for the extremely small amount of power this will generate. Montana is one of the last few places in America that doesn't have a ton of concrete and asphalt everywhere lets keep it that way.

Marie from Merser Island, WA, petitioner number 932, June 25 2012:

My family also owns a forest service cabin lot on the East Rosebud river. Like virtually everyone on the Lake, we rebuilt in 1999 and have rejoiced in the area's revival. We are definitely opposed to diversion of the East Rosebud which would destroy the beauty and recreational use of the river from the Lake to Jimmy Joe and downstream. Over the 50 years we have had the cabin, I've seen thousands of Americans and foreign visitors come to enjoy an unspoiled Montana landscape. A few megawarts of power does not justify such destruction. Let's focus on truly productive alternative energy development.

Jim from Nye, MT, petitioner number 937, June 25 2012:

Beartooth Electric(Highwood Generating) can't sell what it produces. Why can Hydrodynamics?

Jenny from Lolo, MT, petitioner number 927, June 24 2012:

I spent my childhood camping and hiking on the West and East Rosebud drainages. The land is beautiful and the creeks are very special to me. It would be a terrible waste to put in another dam in this area. Mystic Lake is enough. Please leave this little piece of Montana alone.

Stephen from Roscoe, MT, petitioner number 1010, July 6 2012:

Congress, make it a wild and scenic river. Montana legislators, get behind this and make it happen

Hans from Red Lodge, MT, petitioner number 1018, June 12 2012:

Many area residents rely on tourism for their livelihoods in one way or another. Compare Red Lodge to other small towns in eastern Montana. It has a very vibrant and attractive down town with many small business that you just don't see in other towns of it's size. People come to ski, hike, climb, paddle, and to simply enjoy the scenery. While here, they book motel rooms, eat at local restaurants, by clothing and gear, maybe hire an outfitter or guide for a pack trip or to summit granite peak. Preserve the natural amenities of this area and you will preserve the economic viability for residents along the eastern front of the Beartooths!

Scott from Red Lodge, MT, petitioner number 1020, July 6 2012:

I am adamantly opposed to this project. The river should remain in its current pristine condition. Personally, it is one best fly fishing locations in the county and I take my kids there several times each summer. This proposed dam will not only ruin its natural beauty and boundaries, but also its recreational benefits.

Please support us by signing the petition as 1370 individuals have done before you and ask your friends to do the same.

Our Goal is bring an end to the pending hydro dam project application and to protect the creek from all similar proposals in the future. East Rosebud Creek is truely Wild and Scenic. We want to make sure it stays that way. Forever.

East Rosebud Creek drainage surrounded by designated wilderness is about as close to paradise as it gets. Forest Service found this area eligable for Wild and Scenic River Protection for its outstanding Geologic, Recreational, and Scenic values. This pristine area is now endangered by a small output hydro dam project. A little bit of power for a lot of irreversible destruction . This site has been set up by Friends of East Rosebud to provide information and tools for people who want to help save this paradise.