Committed to save the beauty of East Rosebud Creek for future generations


East Rosebud Creek should be designated Wild & Scenic. 1500 signatures so far. Click here to sign too.

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Frequently asked questions about the Wild and Scenic River Act

Wild and Scenic eligibility of East Rosebud Creek

What would Wild and Scenic Designation for East Rosebud mean

Arguments against the hydro dam proposal


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Our Goal is Wild & Scenic Designation for the part of East Rosebud Creek that is situated on Forest Service land. East Rosebud Creek’s beauty draws tourists from all over the world, provides income to local businesses, supports stable real estate values and generates substantial tax income. This area has been threatened by small scale hydropower projects several times in the past. We want to make sure this cannot happen again. We seek Wild & Scenic designation for East Rosebud Creek.